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My Plans

for Vista


Public infrastructure in Vista, including our sidewalks, bikeways, roads, and community facilities are important systems that keep our city moving safely. Supporting all the ways we travel can have positive impacts for our community. When people feel safe to walk and bike we can reduce traffic, improve our health and protect our environment. We must prioritize safety, especially when we frequently experience pedestrian casualties and car accidents in our community. Whether you’re walking, driving, or rollerblading I will fight to make Vista safe for everyone. 

Katie’s Infrastructure Solutions

  • Ensure traffic safety and ease by using traffic calming interventions and improving signals and signs.

  • Ensure pedestrian safety by improving lighting, sidewalks, crosswalks, and signs.

  • Encourage biking by creating protected bike lanes, especially on main throughways.

  • Engage the community to identify areas of improvement by holding quarterly town halls and weekly office hours.


Many in our community are concerned about housing, and it’s clear why. Since 2000, California rental costs increased 25% while income has decreased 5%. Many in our community fear they are closer to homelessness than owning a home. Vista needs inclusive housing because with affordable and appropriate homes our families have a better quality of life. In order to have housing stability we must explore a variety of solutions and practices and work with community partners and residents.

Katie’s Housing Solutions

  • Utilize federal, state, and local funds to produce affordable housing and create incentives for building affordable housing.

  • Preserve existing affordable housing and prevent the displacement of neighbors.

  • Protect our local mobile home parks and explore new initiatives like tiny homes.

  • Provide treatment and resources for residents experiencing homelessness. 

  • Educate and include residents on housing solutions by holding quarterly town halls and weekly office hours.


The health of our community and the future of our planet depend on how we act today. Climate Change and environmental issues harm our community from increased risk of wildfires, poor air quality, the destruction of natural habitat, and more. We must act now to protect our environment and address Climate Change in the City of Vista. 

Katie’s Environment Solutions

  • Collaborate with regional leaders to form Community Choice Energy (Community Choice Aggregation) and give Vista residents and businesses more sustainable and affordable energy options. 

  • Expand the tree canopy in Vista to mitigate green-house gas emissions and provide shade and beauty for residents.

  • Explore zero waste initiatives and provide waste receptacles in the community. 

  • Implement the use of green infrastructure and development as our community grows.

  • Prioritize environmental justice and equity to ensure ALL Vista residents have a healthy environment and sustainable future.


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