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As a former social worker, Deputy Mayor Katie Melendez has provided effective leadership on homelessness in Vista and has initiated several solutions:

  • Secured $5 Million from the State of California for a New Homeless Shelter in Vista

  • 100% Affordable Housing for Homeless Seniors

  • Holding Developers Accountable with Inclusionary Housing Requirements

  • Safe Parking Program for people sleeping in their cars

  • Rental Assistance Program for low-income families

  • Homeless outreach and mental health services

Image by Jon Tyson

Climate and Environment 

  • 100% Renewable Energy options through Clean Energy Alliance (CEA)

  • Established single-use plastic ordinance

  • Established Community Choice Energy and joined the Clean Energy Alliance

  • Banned toxic pesticides (Dithiopyr and Glyphosate) around public parks, historic downtown and around schools
    Introduced cigarette waste mitigation effort.

  • Protected public land from over-development

  • Established Biological Preserve near sensitive ecosystems

  • Initiated solar panel installation on the City of Vista Civic Center

  • Added new Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Established new parks

  • Planted nearly 1,000 trees throughout Vista

Planting Trees

Public Safety

Deputy Mayor Katie Melendez has been fearless in protecting our community and enhancing public safety:

  • Improved response times for the Vista Fire Department by introducing a new program to include 12 new firefighter/paramedics and 2 new ambulances.

  • Hired additional Sheriff Deputies including a new motor deputy for traffic enforcement

  • Established new park ranger position

  • Created Traffic Calming Program for safer neighborhood streets

  • ​ Improved infrastructure including street lights, crosswalks, and speed humps

Firefighter Gear Lying on Truck

Policy and Advocacy

  • Established punitive ordinance against Tobacco Sales to Minors

  • Established restrictions on Short-Term Vacation Rentals (AirBNB) in neighborhoods

  • Established inclusive hiring policies for City of Vista

  • Defended the right to public comment and established new oral communication sessions

  • Held community workshops, town halls, and neighborhood meetings

  • Created Age Friendly City Plan for Seniors

  • Works closely with community stakeholder groups including: seniors, students, people of faith, minority groups, business owners, non-profits, and all constituents 

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